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Our mission is to contribute to a vibrant economy in the Lompoc Valley by assisting in the formation of local worker owned and operated cooperatives.

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“Co-ops Mean Cooperation”
  • Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing Community
    LCDP is focused on revitalizing the Lompoc Community by creating living wage jobs....
  • green1 Green Living
    LCDP's mission is to preserve our pristine rural environment with green business practices....
  • Successful business woman Empowerment
    LCDP believes empowering the individual is key to creating a vibrant Lompoc community....

Lompoc Co-op Development Project -


5/11-Food Co-op Meeting/ Junta de la cooperativa de Comida

Si eres interesad@ sobre empezar una tienda de comida comunitaria. Te esperamos en esta junta. Hablaremos sobre: Los resultados de la enquesta. Los beneficios de una tienda comunitaria. Que es una cooperativa Porque queremos tener una tienda cooperativa. Link to location image, imagen del sitio   link to map, mapa del sitio...


Design the Art on the  SB County Cooperative Festival Poster The theme for the  3rd Annual SB County Cooperative Festival (Oct 15,2016)  is “Co-ops mean Cooperation”.  LUSD students are encouraged to participate. Entries must be original art demonstrating cooperation as a subject matter. Información sobre la competición de arte 2016 Contest Dates: May 1-May 31 Top 3 winners to be Continue Reading...