Lompoc is a unique community located near an air force base, a federal prison and a diatomaceous earth mine. With its clean air and scenic beauty it is also on the edge of the blossoming Central Coast wine industry. Lompoc has a rich cultural diversity, a genuine sense of community, and volunteerism that would make any town proud.

The current economic downturn has taken a steep toll on Lompoc. It struggles with a 15% unemployment rate. A large number of those who work are forced to commute 30 miles or more to Santa Maria, Solvang or Santa Barbara. Many, many store fronts stand vacant, waiting for a solution that has not been forthcoming. There is a general atmosphere of decline.

The Lompoc Co-op Development Project believes that the cooperative model can be the antidote for this economic dilemma. The group was inspired by the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, Ohio which are turning around its blighted downtown area. There are many successful cooperative stories worldwide. We invite you to explore our site and become inspired by the possibilities of this innovative business model.

LCDP is working to become an incubator that will generate multiple cooperatives in Lompoc overtime. We will begin with a green housecleaning business this fall. The initial focus is on worker owned cooperatives that will keeps jobs and money local, with a goal of returning Lompoc to a once again vibrant Central Coast community.