This is page shows you  how you can get involved with the Co-op Festival. Sponsors, non-profit organizations, vendors,  contest submissions, and those signing up to  our morning event scroll below.  You may contact for more involvement ideas. 
 Haz un click en “Platica Cooperativista”/ “Co-op Talks” para inscribirte a las platicas sobre trabajo y oportunidad comunitario. 
 If you are a cooperative wanting to get involved, you may use the Co-op Talks link to register. If you would like a booth, you may  use the vendor registration form. To propose further involvement please contact

Press Release Here

This press release describes what the festival is about. Share the link widely and come join the fun.

Sponsorship Information

left: girl in dress dancing ballet folklorico above her shoulder is a sign with the words 'your logo here', right square a bicycle contraption, lower right is a image of heads outlines collated, with butterflies as ears. Bottom text says: "BRING TOGETHER: POSSIBILITY DISCUSSIONS, SCIENCE FAIR, TALENT SHOW, CIRCUS ACTS. SPONSOR & INCLUDE YOUR INNOVATIONS"

Poster Art Contest

Concurso de arte para la portada

Update: The poster art contest has concluded. Winners have been chosen. Click on the link above to find out more


Non-Profit Participant Information

This link is the best way to reserve booth space at the festival.  Please refer to the Co-op Talks link if you would like to register your clients to attend the morning talks.

Food Vendor Registration, Registro para vendedores de alimentos

This link will allow you to reserve booth space at the festival. Have your EHS number on hand. If you do not have one, we may work with you on getting one for the event and you may still register. Information is provided in the registration.

Co-ops and other Vendor Registration,

Registro de las cooperativas y vendedores

Sign up early and we’ll take care of the rest. Low vending rates, high exposure. Be part of what makes this event fun and memorable.

Co-op Talks, Platicas Cooperativistas

In the morning folks will come together and get the most out of the 3rd Annual Co-op Festival.
To encourage participation, Lompoc Family YMCA has offered day care from 9:30-12pm. Register early to reserve your seat and day care!