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 SB County Cooperative Festival Poster

The theme for the  3rd Annual SB County Cooperative Festival (Oct 15,2016)  is “Co-ops mean Cooperation”.  LUSD students are encouraged to participate. Entries must be original art demonstrating cooperation as a subject matter.

Información sobre la competición de arte 2016

Contest Dates: May 1-May 31

Top 3 winners to be announced:  June 10

UPDATE: Winners have been chosen

(Los ganadores del concurso son:)

  1. Emiliano S. – Mrs. Foss, Los Berros Elementary

  2. Canyon W. , Los Berros Elementary

  3. Meredith R., Los Berros Elementary


  1. Certain Sparks Music lessons, day pass to The Pad Climbing Gym, gift certificate to New Lows.
  2. Winners will be showcased at the Cooperative Festival.
*Contest Rules Below

What is cooperation?

Definition: Cooperation (say ko-op-er-ay-shun) is when two or more people work together so that they are all better off (“Let’s Cooperate”).

For cooperation to work, everyone has to be an active member of the team and do what they agree to do (“Let’s Cooperate”).

Examples of Cooperation

Quotes on Cooperation

A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle.”
Old proverb
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. “
“A single leaf working alone provides no shade”.
~Chuck Page
“One will weave the canvas; another will fell a tree by the light of his ax. Yet another will forge nails, and there will be others who observe the stars to learn how to navigate. And yet all will be as one. Building a boat isn’t about weaving canvas, forging nails, or reading the sky. It’s about giving a shared taste for the sea, by the light of which you will see nothing contradictory but rather a community of love. “
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Citadelle, 1948,
“When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?”
~Thomas Hood
“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
~Isaac Newton


Contest Rules:

Design should be within the boundaries of school codes of conduct, or rather subject matter deemed appropriate for family events.


  • Any visual form


  • Contest is open to 4-12 grade students on a voluntary basis.
  • Submission from younger students is left to the discretion of mentor. Yet,  there is no maximum number of  entries per mentor.
  • Students may work together.  Yet, the limit is one entry per student.

Submission Rules:

  • Entries must include the following- name, school, teacher, grade at the time art was produced, parent contact information
  •  Submission location: school’s front office in designated box
  • Entries may also be submitted by email to:


PDF: Cooperative Festival Art Contest_LUSD

Co-op Festival Information

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