We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. But did you know that it takes a entire community to lift the economy? We’re working hard to create jobs in Lompoc, but we need your help. Our model to start worker-owned co-ops entails providing extensive small business training and resources as well as assisting with start-up costs. That means that the workers who take ownership of our co-ops will have the freedom to focus on running successful businesses that fill needs within our community. How can you help? Please consider making a donation to the Project. Every dollar helps.


The Lompoc Co-op Development Project currently has a funding page on pay pal.

We started a green house cleaning worker cooperative in 2012, Green Broom Brigade. We are now researching other industries to start a second co-op.

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Watch our home-made video and learn more about our last project.

In addition to monetary donations, we need  equipment for our new office. Please view the list below. You might even have something we didn’t think of, so if you would like to donate equipment or supplies that you don’t see below, contact us! We’re grateful for all of your help.

Business Equipment & Supply Needs

  • New or “Like New” Computer
  • All-in-one Printer, Fax, Copier
  • Projector



We want to thank the following people who have already generously donated to the Indiegogo project.

Undisclosed Donations

  • Steven Aranguren
  • Margaret Beebe
  • Emily Cheney
  • Dorothy Campbell
  • Kim Coontz
  • Heather Hale
  • Karen Paaske
  • kamjac
  • Deborah Simpson
  • Pamela Wall
  • Fran Forman
  • Amanda Brooks
  • hmphale
  • Lauren Pressman
  • Terry P Roof
  • Thomas Parks

Gold Level Donations

Gold Level Supporter: wsmgom159
Gold Level Supporter: Stephen Bridge
Gold Level Supporter: Pamela K. Wall
Gold Level Supporter: Barry Coughlin
Gold Level Supporter: Adam C. Ellis
Gold Level Supporter: Nina Taylor
Gold Level Supporter: Nancy Schuler-Jones
Gold Level Supporter: Elizabeth Villalpando

Silver Level Donations

Silver Level Supporter: lukenkia
Silver Level Supporter: Michael Eppley