We are very grateful to our Ambassadors for their consistent and continued support of the Lompoc Co-op Development Project. Many of them have been with us since the beginning of the process. They represent a broad spectrum of Lompoc community.

  • Sal Angel
    Machinist/Millwright Ret.
  • Jack Blackmore
    So. Cal. Pipe Trade Ret.
  • James W. Brabeck, CEO
    Farm Supply Company
  • Bill Brown*
    S.B. County Sheriff
  • Ashley Costa
    Lompoc City Council
  • Barry Coughlin, M.D.
  • Timothy Dabney
    Lompoc Police Chief
  • Kay Eatmon
    School Trustee
  • Raquel Gonzales
    Resident Manager
  • Joni Gray
    S.B. County Supervisor
  • Joyce Howerton
    Former Lompoc Mayor
  • Dick Jacoby, Esq.
  • Bob Lingl
    Lompoc City Council
  • John H. Linn
    Mayor of Lompoc
  • Olga Lopez
    Migrant Education
  • Cecilia Martner
    Lompoc City Council
  • Ken Ostini, CEO*
    Chamber of Commerce
  • Jim Raggio, CEO*
    Valley Medical Center
  • Dulcie Sinn, PhD
    Leader/Lifestyle Coach
  • Dirk Starbuck
    Lompoc City Council
  • Ingrid VerBraeck, M.A.
  • Marcus Wilkins
  • Molly Wryn
  • Doreen Farr
    S.B. County Supervisor

*Affiliation for identification only